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Updated: Jun 25, 2020

So you're ready to start a business, first off let me say CONGRATULATIONS! You are making a bold decision, and I am sure you will be grateful that you did make this wonderful decision in the future. So since you are on this new exciting road, let me give you a few pointers that will help you navigate it successfully.

Starting fresh

If you're like many new entrepreneurs starting out on a fresh business journey, you may not know exactly what you want your business to be yet. That's ok! Think of it like being a freshman in college, fresh out of high school; having no idea what to major in. What I'm saying is, it's quite common to be ready to start your business, yet still have no idea what it should be. And like freshmen in college who have no idea what to major in, you're quite happy for those who have everything planned out on the first day. But, you also know that you're not any less ready for success because you're still figuring it out.

There is nothing new under the sun

We live in an age when we're constantly looking for the next big thing, the next groundbreaking invention. News flash, everything has been invented. I hate to be a killjoy but, it's true, we've come to an age where technology has advanced to such a degree, that there really isn't much more to invent. The solution, improve. A great idea for a business venture or a product is to improve on something that already exists or is already being done. For example, barbers already exist we know that, and it's a great entrepreneurial field. Men will always need haircuts, even if some men cut their hair at home, there are plenty of men who just don't have the know-how and will have to pay to get it done. So how can you improve on that? A friend of mine started a mobile barbershop. What a great idea, instead of clients having to commute to get a hair cut, he can go to them. Ingenious, and a fairly uncharted market, so success is built right in. He used what he had, to create a market for himself.

Online is sublime

Make sure to take advantage of the great benefits of the internet. An internet business rather than a brick and mortar business is a great way to start out. Firstly, brick and mortar businesses mean, overhead, an instant expense; before you have even made a dollar. In today's world, the convenience of shopping online outways the cost. In other words, people will pay a little bit more if they have to, for the convenience of shopping from home. Fortunately, because of the fact that there is low to no overhead with an online business, you can keep your prices for your services more competitive. Secondly, if you're not quite ready to start a webpage, social media sites such as Facebook and Instagram, are great starting points for starting a business on the internet, I talk more about this in an earlier blog "Modern Marketing: think outside the box."

Let your passion be your guide

Lastly, whatever you love, whatever you're passionate about, whatever you know that you can do and be happy with every single day, without needing motivation, start there as a business idea. That is what motivated my friend to start the mobile barber business, he loves to cut hair! It's his passion. He decided that he wanted to do something that he loved in a different way, he improved on a classic. Then he chose an avenue that required very little overhead by being mobile and having no store. Yet, and still, he can set up a webpage and take appointments online to help organize his clients and payments better. Which means that most of what he makes is profit. No matter what you decide to do with your business these tips will give you early success, for quick growth.

And when you're ready we here at VM.Co are excited to work along with you, on your journey to building your dreams!

Until next week...

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