To Hire or Not to Hire? Do you need a marketing team?

Do you need a marketing team?

That's a good question, and it's a question that isn't easy to answer. Just as people are unique, so are our businesses, and the same thing that works for one business may not work for another. One question that is easy to answer is if you need marketing, the answer to that question for any size business is yes. Marketing and Advertising are the fastest ways to get a business or product noticed, and to build awareness of your business or products so that you can build a customer base. The truth is you won't be able to build a customer base if potential customers don't know that your business or product exists. So the question isn't if you need marketing because you do, the question is if you need to hire a marketing team to get you started. The answer to that is, it depends on what you already know, and what your business needs.

The Internet-savvy need not be warry.

Nowadays almost everyone is on the internet. Whether through social media, or blogging, and podcasts, whether through streaming sites or even working from home, more people are living their lives on the internet. Yes, there is still a generation that hasn't quite transitioned to totally understanding how the internet and electronic devices work, however, the younger generations and every generation to come will live on the internet and in an increased way than we even do now. This means that if you are an internet savvy business owner, and you know how to navigate your way through social media, and you know how to use it strategically for your business, then for a small business or start-up it may be all you need right now, so you may not need to hire a team. However, when you're ready to grow and move on to more advanced advertising such as radio, or television advertising you may want to consider hiring a team that will offer you a package that your business can manage.

Just jumping in? You may need a guide.

Now if you're like some, who are internet and computer literate, however not internet savvy, and believe me, there is a difference, you may need to consider hiring a marketing team. Think of someone who is internet literate and someone who knows how to drive a car, and think of someone who is internet savvy as someone who knows how to fix it. They know how the car works, what makes it run, and what can keep it from running. This is the difference between being internet literate and internet savvy. Someone who is internet literate knows how to get online, send off an email, even how to shop online, however setting up a social media page, and actually conducting business and advertising online for their business is beyond them. If this is who you are you may need to consider hiring a team to guide you and assist you in getting your company noticed through online advertising. Also, like the internet savvy, once you're ready to move on to more advanced advertising you will definitely need to consider hiring a team, to consult and help you to navigate a field that can be a bit complicated.

Don't get scared off by advertising.

Yes I know, the word advertising can sound intimidating, because the first thing that you think about is the cost. The cost of creating the advertisement and then the cost of running the advertisement then the patience needed to see the ROI (return on investment). It can all seem very overwhelming, but it doesn't have to be. The most important thing to understand is that in order for you to see growth in your business you will need to advertise, you will need to market. The purpose of marketing and advertising is to market your business or products to the public and to advertise to your company to potential customers. Like I said before, how will you gain customers if no one knows that you exist. There was a time when word of mouth was enough, however, in this technical world, when more people are speaking with people in mass on devices on the internet rather than one on one in person, getting a mass message out about your business is paramount. So you don't have to be intimidated by the word advertising, because it's necessary, and now there are many cost-effective ways to do it, even if you hire a marketing team. Thankfully, companies like VM.Co are ready to help you advertise and market your business for an affordable price that will get your company the awareness that it needs for the company size that you have.

So, whenever you're ready we here at VM.Co are here to help you to navigate the marketing and advertising field, make it manageable, and accommodating to your business size and needs, most of all at an affordable price!

Until next time...

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