Not Enough Days in the week? #TimeManagement Pt2

Updated: Apr 6

Welcome back! We are talking about planning!

How much time do we waste not planning?

I know for a long time I overcomplicated the thought of planning out my weekly tasks.

As I started to understand how valuable my time was, I then knew I had to start spending time planning to live my most efficient & productive life!

Planning tasks

I normally plan my tasks on a week-to-week basis and for large projects, I plan 1-3 Months!

Why? Because I don't like to get bogged down and overwhelmed with my daily/weekly tasks running into my monthly projects!

Look, we can all fall into procrastination! No one is perfect!

But this year we need to push, to stay on top of time management in order to reach our goals and balance in our lives.

It's nothing worse than smashing all your Career goals, while your personal life is being neglected! We must find a balance!

Here are resources you can use for Planning your Day/Week/Month Tasks & Projects

  • Planner -A condensed checklist for the Daily/ weekly tasks

  • Erase Board Weekly Tasks

  • Sticky Notes- Urgent Task / Daily

  • Monthly Calendar with Google Calendar/ Phone Calendar - Time blocking

2021 Planner-

Having a 2021 Weekly/ Daily planner is a discipline that may or may not work out for you.

I won't act like it's easy to carry around a planner all day, every day to keep track of tasks. But it is very helpful if you are intentional about it.

Planners are excellent once you have condensed what your priority daily tasks are. As I spoke about in part 1 " Creating a Task Value Scale" you can just choose what days of the week you need to execute each task.

Erase Board-

Buying an erase board for your weekly tasks could be one of the best things you do for yourself in 2021 to organize your tasks.

Not only does it force you to prioritize your tasks but it places them right in front of you on a daily basis! Unlike a planner where you have to physically open and search for what your tasks are for the week, you can simply look at your board and be reminded!

Tip: To help stay on top of updating your board choose a date for all of your tasks to be settled and whatever is not accomplished it will go first on that week's task board.

Sticky notes-

Similar to the erase board, sticky notes keep urgent tasks in front of you but instead of waiting until the end of the week to refresh the board you can just take the notes down as each task is accomplished!

Google Calendar-

When you have Larger Scale Projects that will require much of your time and attention it is good to plan farther ahead.

This is where Google calender or Your Phone Calendar comes in.

Blocking out your time can help you really see how much time you have for your tasks and for yourself. We all can have a tendency to overwork or to not work hard enough.

Like I said we must find the balance.

Don't forget to block out time for self-care!

Final Note:

Using each of these recourses can help make your life easier in 2021! But it is on us to take the time out and plan the work ahead of time.

I hope you enjoyed this week's blog and we will see you next time with our new segment

"Making Our Lives Easier In 2021!"

Feel Free to Share! Until Next Time...

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