Not Enough Days in The Week?#TimeManagement Pt1

Updated: Apr 6

We all get to a point where we feel like we don’t have enough time to make deadlines and thoroughly complete tasks, so it’s time to get into Managing Your Time & Scheduling you’re Work Week!

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As a business owner, you always have a list of tasks tumbling around in your brain, and being wise I’m sure you scramble to write every note down. But there is another step after writing down all your tasks. You must prioritize your tasks!

Why prioritize tasks? They all need to get done right?

Correct, but we do have tasks that are more urgent than others.

In order to productively manage our time and tasks, we have to place a value scale on them and decide between 3 value systems.

✔️High Priority Task

✔️Important but not urgent

✔️Not important & Not urgent

Alot of times when creating a task list we can just aim to write down everything on our minds and take great sataisfaction in checking them off that list ✔️. But we must ensure that we are checking off the tasks that are making our day the most productive and our businesses the most efficient? #NoTimeWasted

First, ask yourself is this task urgent? Will there be a consequence if I don’t complete this task?

The second question you ask yourself is; Is this a task that can be moved to another day if I don’t complete it today?

Third, are tasks that make you feel more productive and that we sometimes add to our task list because it’s on our mind, but it’s not an urgent or high priority.

YYou can prioritize your tasks with an A, B, and C system. A- High Priority, B- Needs to be completed within a certain time frame but not immediate and C - things that you want to be done but are not urgent.

For example

A. Finalize Client Ad and send for review - This directly affects my job flow and my client satisfaction. Therefore it is a top priority!

B. Send an email to Pam to confirm our weekly

meeting. - This is important, but not urgent, depending on what day of the week you need the task completed by. If it‘s Monday and you need to confirm by Friday, it’s not immediate and you can give yourself a day or two. But don’t wait too long to complete the task or it will become urgent.

C. Unpack paper for printer and put it in storage box- ( Not urgent or immediate ) This is a task that can be done once every other task that day is done and you find yourself with extra time.

These examples are not a true reflection of your priority list. You will have to identify what you consider your top priorities!

This organizational method can help you with the simplest or largest task; house tasks as well as, project and time management!

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Until Next Week!

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