New Year, New Challenges, New determination

Updated: Jan 29

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Happy New Year!

It's hard to believe that we have already made it to 2022. If you're like me, the year 2020 until now is just a blur. I don't think that any of us imagined that in the year 2022, we would still be dealing with a worldwide pandemic, and if we're honest, we will all agree that we're over it. We're over the impact it's having on our homes, our families, and especially our businesses; how do we move on into a new year when it looks a lot like the old year? Let's talk about that.

New Year

Okay, so we thought that once 2021 was rung in, this pandemic would be swept away with the old year. However, in the real world, that DID NOT happen.

2021 only seemed to exacerbate the pandemic. So how can we be hopeful that 2022 will be any different? With so many small businesses unable to survive the last year, can another year of this pandemic be any better?


Well, I say absolutely!

New Challenges

As detrimental as the last two years have been, this pandemic has been a blessing in disguise for those forward-thinking business-minded entrepreneurs.

This pandemic has made business owners think on their feet. It has been uncomfortable and has forced them to think outside the box.

Unfortunately, it has been devastating for those who couldn't keep up with the need to foresee. The good news is, now we have examples of those who were savvy enough to stay afloat, learn what to do, and stay ahead of the curve!

Learning how to change with the times will always be critical, no matter what crisis may arise.

Many companies have suffered through the years because they refused to change how they had done business in a hurry.

For example, when retail started shifting from in-store to online, companies that saw the trend as dispensable is no longer with us. Continuing to learn how to shift business practices promptly, whether because of a pandemic or a new emerging trend, will only secure our longevity as business owners.

New Determination

Guess what? if your business is still thriving, you were one of the savvy ones who were able to change with the times. However, if your company has suffered, don't lose hope, it's not your fault, and you have not failed.

So, it's time to take inventory at this day in time, of what is not working for your business and learn to shift quickly.


I hate to break it to you but, being afraid to change will only seal your business' fate.

Now is not the time to be afraid; stubbornly trying to hold on to what worked in the past. We are quickly barreling into a new future and at a rate at which technology and service advancements are moving too fast for us to be immobile. If we are stationary, we will be swept away by the tide. We as business owners need to be determined in 2022 to stay ahead of change, remain flexible with that change, and decide to be a part of that change.

It's time to put your thinking cap on and begin your innovations!

See where the trends are heading, and develop ideas that can accelerate those trends for your business.

For example, during this pandemic, the need to be socially distanced has catapulted the delivery industry in a way we have never seen before. Apps like Doordash and UBER Eats are seeing exponential growth, and with that growth, they are now expanding their services to groceries, personal items, really anything that is deliverable!

That is how you become a part of the change; like Rodney Copperbottom said in the 2005 movie "Robots", "see a need, fill a need", that is the heart of innovation.

You can do it!

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