Modern marketing: think outside the box

Updated: Jun 22, 2020

Nowadays there are more ways to get your business noticed than there have ever been. Here are a few ways to use all the avenues available to your benefit.

The age of information has made connecting to larger groups of people in a shorter period of time more accessible. No longer will it take a week for information to travel around the world. Today, information travels around the world in an instant, which means that connecting to a larger customer base is much easier, which is great news for your business.

“There was a time when the only way to get news about your business out to the public was through purchased ads in the newspaper or on the radio, which is quite pricey, that time is well over.”

The truth is in today's world relying on traditional advertising such as newspapers, radio even television can actually stunt the growth of your business, seeing that there is now a generation of people who get their information in a totally new way, completely online.

The Digital Connection

As a small business owner or someone getting ready to launch their start-up, it's imperative to understand how to navigate this digital world to your advantage. Think of this digital age as the new phone book; if your old enough to know what a phone book is. Well if you're not let me school you. It's an ancient book, that boomers used to use, and some still do, to find contact information and to connect with people. Well now, we can see this technical age as a way to connect to the larger world, especially for your business.

Every Business needs Social Media

First things first, your business NEEDS social media. Even if you feel that your field doesn't lend itself naturally to social media, it doesn't matter your business needs it. Especially since webpages can be pricey to create and maintain; your business needs a place where a potential client can get online, type in some keywords, or even your business name, and your business can be found. Social media pages such as FaceBook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and the like, can actually serve well in lieu of a webpage, because of all the free functions they provide. You can share information about your business, you can share photos, your business location, and the most important thing, you can get direct messages via email as well. All things that a webpage can do, but it's free, which means that you can use it to your advantage until you're financially ready to set up a webpage.

Don't mix personal and business!

This is one of the biggest mistakes that small business owners and new start-up developers make. They believe that they can advertise their businesses through their personal social media pages, this is a fallacy. You are not your business, it is its own entity and needs its own page separate from your personal page. The reason that this is detrimental to business growth is that the information that prospective customers will consume about your business will be confused with personal information about you. It's imperative that there be a delineation between your personal life and the life of your business.

We're all in this together

Getting back to that digital phone book, social media is a great way to search and find others who are working in your field and even may have a business similar to yours. You can connect with them, share ideas, even collaborate on projects that will benefit both businesses. Before you go there, let me stop you, do not let your business growth be obstructed with competitiveness, we are stronger when we work together. If you reach out to other small business owners either in your field or in a closely related field, you will find that those connections are a great benefit to the growth of business for everyone. They may have connections already established that can benefit you, and you may have services that they need that can benefit them, while also benefiting you. We all win!

Lastly, when your ready, get in touch with a reputable marketing company that can help you develop new ideas to keep the momentum of your business moving in the right direction. Marketing companies like VM.Co can help and can create a marketing package that can fit your budget and markedly grow your business.

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