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Here at VM.Co
We are an Advertising & Marketing Firm that is committed to meeting the needs of small businesses and startups in a practical and achievable way!

"Our  company is dedicated to providing small businesses with an avenue to more revenue!"

Our services are meant to bring awareness to your company or brand and get you the clientele and foot traffic that you need for your business to grow.


Logo +

Website Hosting


We will work with you to create the logo & website that best fits your business.

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Social Media Managing


We can create, edit, and run social media ads on all social media platforms.


Brand Photography 

We are experts at all forms of media including:

- Photography

- Videography

- Music production

- Ad Creation and Graphic Design

Marketing Materials


We design and print Business cards, Trifold brochures, Vendor table signs and more!

Why do we do this?

 "We understand that the price for the creation of ads is High & can be one of the reasons that start-ups and small businesses may have slow growth."

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We are a full-Service Marketing & Advertising Company that makes

starting your business easy!

Here are what others will charge you:

  •  Graphic designer for logo creation:         $1000

  • Photography session including editing: $500 - $1500

  • Graphic designer for ad creation:            $500 - $1500

  • Videographer : (30 sec video ad)             $2500- $4000

  • Music Production: (30 sec radio ad)        $350 - $500 

The world of advertising is changing!

Digital Marketing & Advertising


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VM.Co gave me exactly what I wanted for my logo!

They were so attentive to my personal taste and gave me what I wanted.

The Advice and Strategies that we were given, has been so helpful in building our brand awareness & gaining more foot traffic to our platforms.

Thank you for the logo and website, look forward to working with you more in the future!